Point of care test

UroSens’ point of care system will comprise a robust reader instrument and disposable cartridges. A small volume of urine is placed in the device and a quantitative result appears within minutes. The reader is already developed and on the market for other critical diagnostic applications. The test is designed to be used in the urology clinic and the GP’s surgery.

Benefits of Point-of-Care Testing

There are clear advantages to both patient and clinician in avoiding the one or two day wait for results from a central laboratory. Urine samples can be tested for Mcm5 along with other parameters when the patient arrives at the clinic so that all results are available to the clinician when the patient is examined. A worrying wait for the patient is eliminated. This also fits with the concept of the time and cost-efficient one-stop clinic. The concept of point of care, or near-patient testing, is gaining increasing acceptance. Most hospitals now have point-of-care co-ordinators who ensure that instruments are maintained and that users are appropriately trained. The robustness, accuracy and ease of use of UroSens’ point of care system have already been proved in exacting conditions in the field.