UroSens develops proprietary tests for cancers of the urinogenitary tract for use in the urology clinic or doctor’s surgery. The initial targets are prostate and bladder cancer.

UroSens’ initial diagnostic target is the minichromosome maintenance protein 5 (Mcm5), a protein directly involved in DNA replication, and hence cell replication and growth. The presence or absence of MCMs in cells therefore provides a highly robust differentiator between cells that are replicating or are capable of replicating (MCM-positive) and those that have lost this ability (MCM-negative).

The UroSens Mcm5 assay has exceptionally good performance when compared to the current techniques.  Clinical data shows that the overall accuracy of the UroSens test is ~93% for bladder cancer. Cystoscopy, the gold standard for bladder cancer, has a sensitivity of ~75%. For prostate cancer, specificity is of the Mcm5 assay is 85% compared with 30% for PSA, the current market leading indicator. Whereas PSA is a non-specific measure of changes in the size or activity of the prostate gland, MCMs are specific for cancer when found in urine.

UroSens’ test kit can be used to test for either condition and has the further benefit of being completely non-invasive, requiring only a urine sample.